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To setup the spam filtering you must complete the following

  1. Fill out the form bellow and submit it.
  2. Configure your email program to filter the tagged spam


Internet Technologies has set up a program that will help eliminate the majority of spam you receive.

This program analyzes your incoming email and rates it. If it deems the email to be spam it will add the following to the subject of the email [SPAM] . This addition allows you to control the spam. You can set your program to move spam to a new folder or to delete it from the server.

We recommend you initially set it to move the tagged email to a folder. This allows you to verify if all the mail is tagged correctly. If the spam settings are working well than you can change it to delete the tagged mail.

This way you will not lose any email messages by accident.


We need to copy a file into your email account to activate this spam feature. To setup the spam filter please fill out the following form. Note all fields are mandatory

Your Name: required
Your Internet Technologies Email Address: required

NOTE: Internet Technologies takes NO responsibility for lost email do to this spam program.